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Pax A77 Car charger


The Pax A77 Car Charger is a convenient device for entrepreneurs who frequently travel between locations and may not always have access to a power outlet. This car charger allows you to simply plug into the cigarette lighter port in your car making it easy to charge your terminal wherever you are.

It is important to note that the Pax A77 Car Charger is specifically designed for use with Pax terminals so be sure to check compatibility before purchasing. Additionally, always follow manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines when using any charging device in your vehicle.


Product description

With the Pax A77 car charger you always have a reliable power source for your payment terminal. No matter where you are.

The Pax A77 car charger is a compatible fast charger suitable for various Pax payment terminals including the Pax A77. The compact charger can be used with the input of your car’s cigarette lighter.

What brand and model is this car charger for ?
The Pax A77 car charger is compatible with various models including the Pax A920 Pro and Pax A930.

What are the benefits of this car charger ?
The Pax A77 car charger ensures that your payment terminal is always ready to use. Even when you’re on the go. The use of a payment terminal car charger is especially convenient for people who are frequently on the road such as market traders, taxi drivers or delivery drivers. With the car charger you no longer have to worry about a dead battery and can process transactions wherever you are.

Always ready to use: No more worries about a dead battery. Easy to charge regardless of your location.
Easy to use: The car charger is straightforward to use and fits into your car’s cigarette lighter.
Compact and portable: The car charger is small, light, and easy to carry.
Reliable and safe: The car charger meets the highest safety standards.

How long does this product last ?
The lifespan of the Pax A77 car charger depends on how often it is used and how well it is maintained. Generally, the car charger should last as long as the payment terminal itself. The Pax A77 has an expected lifespan of five years so if you maintain the car charger well it should last at least five years as well.


Product type




Car charger, Power supply





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Pax A77 Car charger

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