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We supply Terminals, parts & accessories for fixed, mobile and unattended payment devices.
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  • Pax A77 Smart android mobile payment terminal (2)
    The PAX A77 revolutionizes the way businesses accept payments and manage transactions. With its cutting edge features, sleek design…

    Pax A77

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  • Pax A77 payment terminal protective cover bumper case étui protection black (3)
    With this black Pax A77 protective cover you ensure that your mobile payment terminal is better protected against water,…

    Pax A77 Protective Case Black

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  • Pax A77 terminal stand dockingstation havis 367-5935 composite (2)
    With this docking station and payment terminal stand in one you are always assured of a full battery. The…

    Pax A77 Stand + Dockingstation

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  • pax-a77-ccv-qi-power-supply-Docking-station-base-station-wireless-charger
    Meet the wireless Qi charger for the Pax A77. This charger is tailor-made for the Pax A77 and combines…

    Pax A77 Wireless Charger

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  • Pax A77 protective case silicone white (2)
    With the Pax A77 protective case you ensure that your mobile payment terminal is better protected against water, impact…

    Pax A77 Protective Case White

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  • pax a77 payment terminal privacy filter
    With the Pax A77 Privacy filteryou can protect sensitive information on your payment terminal screen from prying eyes. These…

    Pax A77 Privacy filter

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  • pax a77 screenprotector
    If you use a mobile payment terminal you naturally want to protect it well against accidents and damage. The…

    Pax A77 Screenprotector

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  • Pax A6650 android payment terminal PDA (1)
    The PAX A6650 is a revolutionary device that combines the functionality of a PDA and a secure payment terminal…

    Pax A6650

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  • Pax M9200 Elys Note mobile android terminal (5)
    Don’t let outdated payment systems slow down your business. choose convenience, speed and reliability. Meet the perfect combination of…

    Pax M9200 Elys Note

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  • Pax A800 mobile payment terminal (5)
    The Pax A800 is a fashionable touch screen desktop solution that combines the best of Android technology with secure…

    Pax A800

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  • Pax-A920-Smart-android-mobile-payment-terminals
    The PAX A920 is not just a payment terminal; it’s a powerful SmartPOS device that empowers businesses to thrive…

    Pax A920

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  • Pax A920 PRO Smart android mobile payment terminal (1)
    With its larger screen, faster performance and optional built in professional infrared barcode scanner the A920 PRO is a…

    Pax A920 PRO

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