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www.paymentdiscounter.com supplies various accessories and parts for (mobile) payment terminals. A payment device consists of several parts that can be damaged during your work. We have an extensive range of products consisting of Verifone batteries, Power supplies, Docking stations and Printer covers. We supply payment terminal accessories for both fixed and mobile payment devices. Order your products quickly and secure in our online store.

Use our webshop to search for products by type or model. We deliver parts for (among other things) mobile and fixed payment terminals from Verifone, Wordlline, Pax and Ingenico. Including most used models such as the Vx680, Vx670, Vx520, Vx820, ICT250 and the iWL250 GPRS or Wifi.

Because there is a growing number of people who prefer paying with card rather then cash a working payment machine is an absolute must for every entrepreneur. Prevent missed sales due to damage to your Payment terminal. With our spare parts you can quickly continue in case there is damage to your (mobile) payment terminal.

Printercover | Docking station | Power Cord cable | Terminal cover | Car charger
paymentdiscounter.com | all spare parts for (mobile) payments systems.

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