Ingenico Axium D7

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Ingenico Axium D7

Ingenico Axium D7

The Ingenico Axium D7 delivers a tablet like user experience while ensuring the highest level of security. It seamlessly integrates business apps from the Google Play Store enabling merchants to enhance their operations without compromising on data protection. With its forward thinking design, versatile functionality and innovative features the Axium D7 sets a new standard for payment terminals empowering entrepreneurs to embrace the future of commerce.



Product description

The Future of Payment Terminals

Ingenico Axium D7 is a new payment terminal that sets the stage for future trends in the industry. With its unique design it stands apart from the Move 3500 and 5000 models. However, what makes the Axium D7 truly remarkable is its ability to utilize the same applications as the Move models making it a versatile and adaptable solution for entrepreneurs.

Android Based Innovation with Axium

The Axium D7 leverages the power of Axium, a platform comparable to Telium but built on the Android operating system. By utilizing Android this payment device opens up a world of possibilities for app integration. With access to the Google Play Store the Axium D7 can handle cash payments, manage inventory, process bonus cards and much more through a wide range of applications.

Enhanced User Experience with Dual Screens

One of the standout features of the Axium D7 is its dual-screen configuration. It boasts a larger screen facing the cashier for efficient management of cash register apps while a smaller screen caters specifically to the customer. This customer facing screen offers an interactive experience enabling them to view additional products similar to browsing through a webshop. This capability enhances customer engagement and can lead to increased sales.

Versatile Functionality for Business Optimization

Equipped with a numeric keypad for PIN entry and a built-in camera for code scanning the Axium D7 goes beyond the basic payment terminal functions. It adopts the concept of Telium’s Merchant Service Hub providing access to a range of services through the device or a web browser. Moreover, customers can explore other products on the smaller screen further expanding the potential for upselling and cross-selling.

Seamless Integration with the Axium Dock

The Axium Dock serves as both a charging station and a holder for the payment terminal. It features an integrated receipt printer and network connectivity. Additionally, the dock can be connected to accessories like cash drawers. Although the Axium D7 offers the versatility of an iPad or tablet it surpasses these general purpose devices by providing specialized features tailored specifically for payment processing.

Industry Leading Security and Google Mobile Services

Ingenico proudly announced that the Ingenico Axium D7 has achieved the PCI-PTS v5 certification. The highest security standard in the payment industry. However, what truly sets it apart is its status as the world’s only payment device to fulfill the requirements of Google Mobile Services (GMS). This certification enables the Axium D7 to offer a unique smartphone- or tablet-like experience with access to a comprehensive suite of Google applications including Search, Chrome, YouTube and Google Maps.

The Axium D7 also allows merchants to select third-party applications that go beyond simple checkout and payment acceptance empowering them to manage various aspects of their business from a single device. By improving customer interactions and creating innovative shopping experiences the Ingenico Axium D7 enhances the overall merchant and customer journey.



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