Ingenico APOS A8

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Ingenico APOS A8

Ingenico APOS A8

The Ingenico APOS A8 is the ultimate mobile payment terminal for entrepreneurs who are looking to enhance their business operations and elevate the customer experience. With its rich business applications ecosystem, user-friendly interface, secure payment acceptance, support for all payment options, maximized network availability and cloud services capabilities, this Android powered terminal sets the standard for mobile payment solutions.


Product description

Enhance Your Business with the Ingenico APOS A8, a leading edge mobile payment terminal that revolutionizes the way merchants facilitate commerce. Whether in-store or outdoor, this state of the art payment solution is designed to transform the customer experience and empower businesses with its robust features and functionalities. With an emphasis on speed, security and convenience the APOS A8 sets the standard for mobile payment terminals in the industry.

Rich business applications ecosystem

  • Take advantage of an extensive Android community business application ecosystem with the APOS A8. This handheld terminal seamlessly integrates an entire point-of-sale system allowing merchants to enhance their checkout services and streamline their operations. With the most open set of business applications on the market the APOS A8 empowers merchants to customize their payment solutions according to their specific needs.

Business centric user interface

  • The APOS A8 is equipped with a user friendly interface that prioritizes efficiency and convenience. With a clear contactless zone, a large 5.5-inch touchscreen and powerful processing capabilities this mobile payment terminal enhances usability and accelerates the checkout process. Say goodbye to long queues and frustrated customers as the APOS A8 makes payment transactions seamless and swift.

Safe and secure payment

  • Security is a top priority when it comes to payment acceptance and the APOS A8 delivers with its advanced security features. Relying on international payment security certifications such as PCI-PTS 5.x this terminal ensures secure payment transactions and protects sensitive customer data. Merchants can have peace of mind knowing that their customers’ information is safeguarded.

Accept all payment options

  • The APOS A8 supports a wide range of payment options providing customers with flexibility and convenience. From traditional payment methods to alternative ones such as QR code payments. Its built-in camera allows for seamless scanning of QR codes enabling merchants to accept payments through this popular method.

Maximized network availability

  • Stay connected wherever you are with the APOS A8’s full-spectrum wireless connectivity. Supporting 4G, 3G, GPRS and WiFi, this terminal ensures reliable and uninterrupted communication. Enjoy the widest touchpoint flexibility while optimizing communication costs making the APOS A8 a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes.

Cloud services capabilities

  • Experience the power of cloud services with the APOS A8. This terminal is compatible with Ingenico’s suite of services providing merchants with a range of tools to optimize their business operations. From fleet management to payment application updates as well as business and analytics services, the APOS A8 leverages cloud capabilities to enhance merchant productivity and streamline their workflow.



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Payment terminal


New payment terminal


Terminal type

Mobile terminal




4G, Bluetooth, WIFI

Receipt printer



With touchscreen

Contactless payment



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