Ingenico Moby 6500

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Ingenico Moby 6500

Ingenico Moby 6500

The Ingenico Moby 6500 is a game changing mobile payment reader specifically designed for micro merchants. With its modern design, comprehensive payment acceptance capabilities and unmatched portability this device empowers small businesses to embrace cashless payments with ease.

Backed by Ingenico’s suite of services the Moby 6500 offers a complete solution that ensures seamless transactions, enhanced security and optimized total cost of ownership. Discover the future of mobile payment acceptance with the Ingenico Moby 6500.


Product description

Meet the Ingenico Moby 6500: Revolutionizing Mobile Payment Readers for Micro Merchants

Reinvent the mobile PIN pad for micro merchants
In the world of mobile payments the Ingenico Moby 6500 stands out as a gamechanger and is specifically designed to cater to the needs of micro merchants. With its innovative features and exceptional performance this mobile PIN pad is set to redefine the way small businesses accept cashless payments.

Modern, compact, and user friendly mobile Point Of Sale (mPOS)
The Moby 6500 is a modern marvel that combines sleek design with unparalleled functionality. Its compact form factor makes it a perfect companion for micromerchants who are always on the move. The userfriendly interface ensures a seamless payment experience for both merchants and customers alike.

Compliant with the latest security requirements
Security is of paramount importance when it comes to payment transactions. The Moby 6500 is fully compliant with the most stringent security standards. This device is equipped with advanced encryption technology safeguarding sensitive payment data and protecting against potential threats.

Acceptance of all card based payments
The Moby 6500 is designed to cater to a wide range of payment methods ensuring that micromerchants can accept payments in any form. Whether it’s EMV chip & PIN, magstripe or NFC/contactless payments, this versatile device can handle it all. It provides a convenient and flexible payment solution that meets the diverse needs of modern businesses and their customers.

Terminal specifications

The Moby 6500 breaks down the barriers to cashless acceptance for micromerchants with its impressive features:

  • Multiple alternative payment methods supported: The device supports EMV Chip & PIN, contactless, and magstripe payments.
  • Easy integration: The Moby 6500 seamlessly integrates with over 500 iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. This ensures compatibility across a wide range of devices enabling merchants to process payments effortlessly.
  • Best in class compactness: Weighing below 90 grams the Moby 6500 offers exceptional portability. It easily fits in your pocket allowing micromerchants to carry it throughout the day without any hassle.
  • Optimized TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): Ingenico understands the value of affordability for micromerchants. The Moby 6500 strikes the perfect balance between price and value ensuring an optimized TCO. This allows small businesses to leverage the benefits of advanced payment technology without breaking the bank.

Supported by Ingenico’s suite of services

In addition to the exceptional features of the Moby 6500 merchants can also take advantage of Ingenico’s comprehensive suite of services:

  • Fleet management & security solutions: Ingenico provides robust fleet management and security solutions ensuring the smooth operation and protection of your mobile payment devices.
  • Hardware services: Should any technical issues arise Ingenico offers reliable hardware services to address and resolve them promptly.
  • Professional services: Ingenico’s team of experts is available to provide professional services including training and support to help micromerchants maximize the potential of the Moby 6500 and optimize their payment acceptance strategies.



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Payment terminal


New payment terminal


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Mobile terminal


Android, Windows



Receipt printer



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Contactless payment



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