Ingenico Desk 2600

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Ingenico Desk 2600

Ingenico Desk 2600

The Ingenico Desk 2600 is a powerful countertop payment terminal that prioritizes simplicity, efficienc, and security. With its versatile features optimized checkout process and seamless integration capabilities this terminal is the ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their payment experience.

By embracing the latest contactless payment technology and prioritizing sustainability the Desk/2600 empowers businesses to provide a seamless and secure payment experience for their customers.


Product description

Meet the Ingenico Desk 2600 a new cutting edge fixed payment terminal designed to meet the needs of modern entrepreneurs. This powerful device is optimized for seamless contactless payment offering a wide range of features that enhance the checkout process and ensure business continuity. With its nimble design and comprehensive functionalities the Desk/2600 is the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes.

Optimized checkout time:
The Desk 2600 is engineered to streamline the checkout process allowing you to serve customers more efficiently. With support for multiple alternative payment methods you can cater to a diverse range of customers and provide them with the flexibility they desire. The large keypad and display make it easy for both customers and cashiers to navigate the payment interface.

Highlighted contactless zone:
As contactless payments continue to gain popularity this Ingenico model prioritizes this payment method by featuring a highlighted contactless zone. This allows customers to make quick and secure payments by simply tapping their contactless cards or mobile devices on the terminal. By embracing contactless technology you can expedite transactions and reduce customer wait times resulting in a more satisfactory shopping experience.

Seamless integration with wired POS Devices:
This countertop model is designed for seamless integration with wired point of sale (POS) devices allowing you to create a unified and efficient checkout station. By connecting any wired devices through the single MagicBox cable you can eliminate clutter and simplify your setup. This integrated approach enables smooth communication between your payment terminal and other POS peripherals such as the Desk/1600 PIN Pad.

Maximized network availability:
To ensure uninterrupted payment processing the payment terminal offers maximized network availability. It supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G/GPRS connectivity options. With dual SIM capabilities you can achieve redundancy and switch between different network providers seamlessly. Moreover, the terminal is equipped with a battery backup safeguarding your business from power outages and keeping operations running smoothly.

Highest security standards:
Security is a paramount concern when it comes to payment terminals and the Desk/2600 excels in this aspect. It complies with the latest PCI PTS v6 standards ensuring that your customers’ payment data is protected against unauthorized access and fraud. For additional privacy you have the option to install a PCI compliant privacy shield further securing sensitive information during transactions. The TETRA vault design offers the highest physical protection for confidential data assuring both you and your customers of a secure payment experience.

Eco design and sustainability:
Ingenico is committed to reducing the carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices. The Desk 2600 incorporates eco design principles utilizing components with low power consumption. By controlling the use of natural resources and incorporating renewable and recycled materials this payment terminal contributes to a greener and more environmentally friendly future.

Terminal Specifications:

  • Optimize checkout time with support for multiple alternative payment methods.
  • A highlighted contactless zone enables quick and secure contactless payments.
  • Large keypad and display for easy navigation and enhanced user experience.
  • Seamlessly integrate with wired POS devices using the MagicBox cable.
  • Compatible with the Desk/1600 PIN Pad saving valuable counter space and accelerating the checkout process.
  • Maximize network availability with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G/GPRS connectivity options.
  • Battery backup ensures business continuity in the event of a power loss.
  • Highest security standards with PCI PTS v6 compliance and optional privacy shield.
  • TETRA vault design provides physical protection for sensitive data.
  • Eco-design principles reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices.



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Payment terminal


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