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We supply Terminals, parts & accessories for fixed, mobile and unattended payment devices.
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  • Newland N950 portable payment terminal printer scanner discounter android
    The Newland N950 introduces a new standard in Android SmartPOS terminals redefining customer engagement in diverse settings like malls,…

    Newland N950

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  • Newland N750 compact mobile payment terminal discounter-
    Experience a new era of customer interaction with the slim and powerful Newland N750 SmartPOS. Designed for both in-store…

    Newland N750

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  • Newland SP550 mobile patment terminal nfc printer (3)
    The Newland SP550 redefines payment acceptance through intelligent design offering a slim-line, ergonomic and portable solution for merchants. Ideal…

    Newland SP550

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  • Newland U1000 unattended payment terminal (1)
    The Newland U1000 unattended payment terminal is a compact and versatile terminal designed for use in a variety of…

    Newland U1000 unattended

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  • Newland U900 unattended payment terminal petrol kiosk (6)
    The Newland U900 stands as a modular payment solution crafted for self-service kiosks in the toughest outdoor environments. With…

    Newland U900

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  • Newland U2000 unattended payment terminal discounter (4)
    Presenting the Powerful, Secure, and Durable Newland U2000. The Newland U2000, an unattended Android SmartPOS device, boasts unparalleled performance,…

    Newland U2000

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  • Newland P300 fixed countertop pinpad payment terminal (3)
    Elevate your retail experience with the Newland P300. A Multilane SmartPOS designed for efficient check-outs and enhanced customer engagement…

    Newland P300

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  • Newland X800 mobile payment terminal android nfc-
    The Newland X800 is not just an electronic cash register; it’s a revolutionary fully-integrated POS solution designed for restaurants,…

    Newland X800

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  • Newland ME60 mobile payment terminal
    The Newland ME60 payment terminal is a sleek, compact device designed for easy and secure payment processing. It features…

    Newland ME60

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  • Newland N700 mobile payment terminal
    The Newland N700 payment terminal is a versatile and user-friendly device that offers numerous benefits to businesses and consumers…

    Newland N700

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  • Newland N850 mobile payment terminal (2)
    The Newland N850 payment terminal is a compact and versatile device that allows users to easily and securely accept…

    Newland N850

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  • Newland N510 mobile payment terminal compact nfc printer (1)
    The Newland N510 redefines the point-of-sale experience providing a compact and portable solution tailored for various business settings such…

    Newland N510

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