Woldline Yomova Pole Standard


The Woldline Yomova Pole ensures that your payment terminal is easy to attach to your counter or wall. The pin stand ensures a fixed and secure attachment of your Worldline terminal. The Worldline Pole is rotatable up to 330c making it easy to operate by both entrepreneur and customer. A solid attachment by means of a standard helps to prevent falls, impact and water damage and thus ensures a longer life of your payment machine.

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Woldline Yomova Pole

The Woldline Yomova Standard is ideal for entrepreneurs with a fixed counter setup. The swivel base provides a fixed location for your worldline terminal and reduces the space that is needed on your counter. It reduces the risk of accidents and helps to prevent water or fall damage to your machine.

The Worldline Pole is available in the models: Low | High | Wall mounting.
The Yomova Pole can be attached by using the included adhesive strip or screw set.

The benefits

  • Increased and strengthened mounting solution.
  • Tiltable up to 140 degrees.
  • Rotatable up to 330 degrees.
  • Delivered includes mounting plate.
  • Can be attached with screws or adhesive strips.
  • Prevents breakage of cables.

Additional information


Payment terminal pole



For model

Worldline Yomova

For use with a

Fixed terminal

Size | Type

Compact [11.7cm], Normal height [18cm], Wall mounting



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