Vx820 pinpad cable 1M


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The verifone vx820 uses a cable that connects the payment terminal to the Pinpad. One side is connected to the cashiers part and the other end to the customer pinpad. The length of the Pinpad cable can vary and can be ordered in two sizes.

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Pinpad cable

If you have a shop or counter setup, a short vx820 cable of 1 Meter is often sufficient. You attach the pinpad cable to both terminals (pinpad + merchant) and can connect in this way. Contrary to what many people think, the vx820 is not wireless. There is still a cable needed but it does have the contactless capabilities.

Available in two sizes

– 1 Meter pinpad cable.
– 3 meter pinpad cable.

The longer cable is especially useful if, for example, you have a cafe or restaurant or helping people who have difficulty walking. This way you have more freedom of movement and you can hold the pinpad during the transaction.

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