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Vx680 Printer Paper Cover

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The Verifone vx680 printer cover is one of the most important parts of your payment terminal. If damage occurs to the printer cover in many cases accepting payments will be impossible. And this could then again lead to loss of sales by not having a working payment device.


Product description

Verifone Vx680 printer cover
The Vx680 printer cover can be very sensitive and can be damaged if used incorrectly. It happens regularly that a foot breaks off so that the printer cover no longer closes properly. In most cases printing is still possible but the quality will increasingly deteriorate. This is due to the fact that the roller does not press hard enough on the printer cover and therefore prints out semi or poorly readable transaction receipts. Order a new verifone Vx680 printer cover easily online our webshop. Ordered today, Shipped today.

The Vx680 uses a thermal printer that prints text on the receipt by means of heat. This makes it unnecessary to use ink or to refill it what saves considerable in costs. The Verifone printer consists of a number of parts including a roller, feed mechanism and the housing. Should one of these verifying parts break down then you may not be able to print out transactions anymore. This may be due to a software failure or a physical defect.

If the inside of the printer hood is defective you will often have to order a new print cover including the printer. It is not possible to carry out transactions if the print valve is seriously damaged. In most cases the terminal will give an error message when the terminal encountered a serious damage. As a temporary solution, you can fasten the printer cover with tape. You can continue to accept payments at least until the new printer cover is delivered.

Tip: Make sure you always have a spare cover on hand.



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Terminal type

Mobile terminal


Other, Plastic


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Vx680 Printer Paper Cover

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