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Verifone VX820

The Verifone VX820 is a game changer for entrepreneurs in need of a reliable, secure and versatile payment solution. Its customizable features, powerful processor, ample memory and maximum security ensure smooth and efficient transactions while protecting customer data.

With its userfriendly color display and support for various payment types, (including EMV, NFC/CTLS and MSR) the VX820 meets the diverse needs of both merchants and customers. Embrace the future of payment processing with the Verifone VX820 and elevate your customers’ payment experience today.

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Product description

Welcome to the future of payment processing.  The Verifone VX820 is an innovative and powerful PINpad with touchscreen designed for merchants seeking a reliable and efficient payment solution. With its customizable features, purposeful design and maximum security the VX 820 empowers entrepreneurs to enhance their customers’ payment experience while ensuring the safety of their sensitive data.

Customizable for All-in-One Solution
One of the standout features of the VX820 is its versatility and ability to adapt to various business needs. This PINpad can be seamlessly integrated into the VX820 duet, providing a complete solution with an all-in-one feature rich base unit. Merchants can tailor the system according to their preferences making it a perfect fit for retail environments of all sizes and types.

Blazing fast processor and ample memory
Powered by a blazing fast processor and equipped with 160MB of memory the VX820 ensures seamless transactions and efficient app running simultaneously. This high-performance setup enables merchants to accept various payment types without any delay. Say goodbye to long waiting times at the payment terminal and say hello to improved customer satisfaction.

Maximum Security to safeguard customer data
As entrepreneurs the safety of customer data should be a top priority. The Verifone VX820 takes security to the next level with its uncompromising features including PCI PTS 3.0 compliance. By adhering to industry leading security standards this PINpad ensures that customer information is protected from potential breaches reducing merchant risk and building trust with clients.

User friendly color display
With a high-resolution 3.5″ color touchscreen this Pinpad offers an intuitive and user friendly interface. This feature ensures easy navigation for customers during the payment process leading to quicker transactions and reduced checkout times. Additionally, the backlit keys enhance readability in any environment. Whether in bright daylight or dimly lit settings.

Accepting a variety of payment types
The VX820 is a dynamic and versatile payment solution that supports MSR, EMV, and NFC/CTLS payments. This broad range of compatibility gives customers the freedom to choose their preferred payment method. Whether it’s swiping cards, inserting chips or making contactless payments. Embracing the latest payment technologies this PINpad keeps you ahead of the competition while offering convenience to your customers.

Designed for retail environments
Entrepreneurs operating in retail environments will appreciate the VX820’s bold and ergonomic design. This multifunctional device can be used as a handheld PINpad or mounted at a convenient location providing flexibility to suit your business needs. The stylish appearance and robust feel of the VX 820 add a touch of professionalism to any checkout counter.

EMV enabled for added security
With the increasing prevalence of chip enabled cards having an EMV-enabled payment solution is essential for any business. The Verifone VX820 is EMV compliant ensuring secure and protected transactions for both you and your customers. By accepting EMV payments you reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions safeguarding your revenue and reputation.

NFC/CTLS enabled for contactless payments
Customers appreciate the speed and convenience of contactless payments. The payment terminal caters to this demand with its NFC/CTLS capabilities allowing customers to make payments simply by tapping their cards or smartphones. By embracing contactless payments you streamline the checkout process, reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

MSR enabled for traditional card swiping
While chip and contactless payments are on the rise some customers still prefer traditional card swiping. The VX820 acknowledges this preference by supporting MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader) payments ensuring that no customer is left behind. Offering multiple payment options allows you to cater to a diverse clientele and enhancing the overall shopping experience.


  • Accessories: Privacy shield, Stylus, Vast cable options
  • Communications: Ethernet, RS-232, USB client, USB host
  • Dimensions: 173mm L × 87mm W × 35mm H; 308g weight
  • Display: 3.5″ QVGA (240 × 320) color LCD
  • Memory: 160MB (128MB Flash, 32MB SDRAM)
  • Operating System: Verix
  • Payment Acceptance Types: EMV, MSR, NFC/CTLS
  • Power: 3.8W maximum power consumption, 5-12V DC
  • Processor: 400 MHz, ARM11 32-bit RISC processor
  • Security: PCI PTS 3.x approved
  • Touchscreen: Resistive touch



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Payment terminal


New payment terminal


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Fixed terminal, Pinpad




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Contactless payment


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