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Verifone Vx670 battery original

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The Verifone Vx670 battery is easy to replace and can used up up to several years if used correctly. If you notice that the terminal can print less and less transactions with the same battery but it shows a fully charged battery then it is probably wise to replace him.


Product description

Vx670 battery
The Vx670battery is identical in size and capacity to the verifone vx670 battery. It is, however, that after some time the maximum capacity will decrease continuously. In general, the battery lasts about 2-3 years or 300 full charging cycles. Because entrepreneurs sometimes have payments by cards up to 50%, it is important that you always have a full battery. Not being able to accept mobile payments can lead to loss of revenue. It is therefore always advisable to have a spare and charged battery in hand. Just in case.

Charging the battery
It is best to charge the battery as often as possible. If you complete the complete charging cycle from 0% to 100%, the maximum capacity decreases more than by ten short charging cycles from 90% to 100%. If the temperature environment is below 0 ° C, it is advisable not to recharge the battery. It is possible that chemical processes cause a short circuit that damages your payment terminal. This also applies if the temperature of your environment is higher than 40 ° C.

It is quite possible that the battery will overheat and damage will occurs when charging isnt done properly. The vx680 battery contains a temperature sensor that ensures that it is not charged if the temperature is below 0 ° C and higher than 60 ° C. To ensure that the battery displays the correct values ​​you must perform a battery calibration every three months.

If the capacity is lower than 10%, deep discharge can occur. In this case, a short circuit occurs, after which the payment terminal automatically indicates a fault message (tamper) in many cases.

Battery storage
If you want to store the battery, it is best to leave it charged for 40%. The battery will last longer and will not age as fast. You can find more information about the correct placement of the battery and maintenance in the verifone guide.



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Terminal type

Mobile terminal




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Verifone Vx670 battery original

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