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You can use a protective cover to prevent damage to your mobile payment terminal. Custom made for the verifone v400m and available in various colors. The Verifone protective case is made of durable and environmentally friendly silicone. This makes it feel rough and feels better in the hand.


To easily recharge the payment terminal there is an entrance for the charger. It is therefore not necessary to remove the protective cover before being able to charge. Order the v400m case easily in the web store. We ship worldwide with DHL.


Verifone V400m Case Grey

The Verifone v400m case is the grey model in our range. The case is easy to apply and provides extra protection during your work. The protective cover is made of environmentally friendly silicone and gives you extra control when handing over the payment machine. In this way accidents and repair costs can be prevented.

There are grip patterns on both sides of the protective cover that ensure that the payment terminal lies better in your hand. Even with wet hands. Use a payment terminal cover and go for optimum protection of your terminal.
Because every company is different, we have chosen different colors that match the look of your company.

The advantages

  • Charge your battery without removing the cover
  • More grip when handing over the terminal
  • Extra thick material for optimum protection
  • Highly visible through striking colors

The variants

  • Verifone V400m Case Black
  • Verifone V400m Case Darkblue
  • Verifone V400m Case LightBue
  • Verifone V400m Case Grey
  • Verifone V400m Case Red

Extremely suitable for

  • Market traders
  • Deliverymen and couriers
  • Self-employed
  • Taxi drivers
  • Trade fairs and congresses
  • Events or festivals

The grey Verifone V400m protective case is slightly lighter than the black model, making it easier to find. The v400m case has an extra layer of silicone so that your payment terminal remains even better protected. In addition, you can easily charge the payment terminal via the power input on the side. To help prevent moisture and water damage the side and bottom of the payment terminal is closed.

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Protective case

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Verifone V400m

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