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The Topwise T1N Android Terminal with Printer is the ultimate solution for mobile entrepreneurs. Its Android compatibility, multifaceted connectivity and versatile applications make it an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs who often accept transactions on location.

Whether you’re in food service, logistics, parking or retail. The T1N has the features to boost your business operations and customer satisfaction. Say hello to efficiency, convenience and innovation with the Topwise T1N.

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Product description

TOPWISE T1N: All-in-One Android Terminal with Printer

Are you in search of a versatile mobile payment solution that’s perfect for your business needs ? Look no further than the Topwise T1N Android Terminal with Printer. This device is designed to streamline your payment processing making it not just efficient but also highly adaptable to various business scenarios.

Seamless Android Integration

The Topwise T1N is your standard Android device providing a familiar and user friendly platform for running Android applications. Whether you need to install payment apps, inventory management tools or customer engagement applications, the T1N can handle it all with ease.

Multinetwork Connectivity

Stay connected wherever your business takes you. The Topwise T1N supports 4G, 3G, and 2G networks ensuring uninterrupted communication. Plus, it offers dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz) guaranteeing fast and stable internet connectivity. With the convenience of a USB port for charging your device will always be powered up and ready for action.

Effortless Payment Processing

The Topwise T1N simplifies payment processing with its built-in camera for barcode and QR code scanning. Say goodbye to manual data entry and errors. Accepting payments has never been easier or more secure.

Contactless Payment

In a world that demands convenience and safety the T1N steps up to the plate. It supports all types of NFC cards allowing for swift and contactless transactions. Whether you’re in retail, hospitality or any other industry this feature enhances the customer experience.

Integrated Printer

More than just an Android mobile device the Topwise T1N comes equipped with a built-in printer. Enjoy the benefits of speedy 80mm/s printing reducing customer wait times. The 40mm paper roll ensures that you won’t run out of receipt paper during busy hours.

Beyond Payment Processing

While the Topwise T1N excels in payment processing, its capabilities extend far beyond. This versatile terminal can support all non-payment apps making it an invaluable tool for various business functions. Manage your inventory, engage with customers or access data analytics – the T1N has got you covered.

Topwise TMS – Terminal Management Made Easy

Introducing Topwise TMS, the terminal management system that revolutionizes how you operate your business. With automatic push notifications, real-time monitoring and remote operation and maintenance you have complete control at your fingertips. Implement hierarchical management to optimize enterprise resources, reduce labor costs and improve overall efficiency.

Ideal for Diverse Business Scenarios

The Topwise T1N is widely used across various business scenarios making it a versatile choice for entrepreneurs.

Food & Catering

From food trucks to fine dining, the T1N is the ideal terminal for restaurants. Easily manage orders, accept payments and print receipts on the spot.

Storage & Logistics

Keep track of your inventory and streamline logistics operations with the T1N.

Parking & Transportation

Effortlessly process payments for parking services or transportation tickets. The T1N’s quick printing capabilities ensure a smooth experience for customers.

Shopping Malls & Supermarkets

In bustling retail environments the T1N facilitates fast and secure payments. Its ability to support various apps enhances the shopping experience.




Product type

Payment terminal


New payment terminal


Terminal type

Mobile terminal




2G, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, WIFI

Payment methods

Chip & PIN, Magnetic Stripe, NFC Contactless

Receipt printer



With touchscreen

Contactless payment



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