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Ingenico Self Modular

Ingenico Self Modular

the Ingenico Self Modular is a game changer in the realm of selfservice payment solutions. Its highly ruggedized and secured design, compatibility with various payment types, seamless integration into existing kiosks and userfriendly interface make it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs.

With the Self Modular you can provide your customers with a convenient and secure shopping experience while optimizing your business operations. Stay ahead of the competition and embrace the future of selfservice payments with the Ingenico Self Modular.


Product description

Ingenico Self Modular: Highly Ruggedized and Secured Terminals for Intensive Outdoor Use

The Ingenico Self Modular is a cutting edge selfservice payment solution designed specifically for on-the-go entrepreneurs. With its robust and secure features this terminal is perfect for businesses looking to enhance their customer experience and streamline payment processes. Whether you operate a vending machine, retail store, transportation service, parking facility or hospitality establishment, the Self Modular is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Ruggedized and secured for intensive outdoor use

The Self Modular is built to withstand the toughest environments. With an IK10/IK10+ rating it can endure rigorous use cases ensuring long lasting performance even in high-traffic areas. Additionally, this terminal is designed for both indoor and outdoor use boasting an IP65/IP44 certification. This means it is resistant to dust, water and other elements making it the ideal choice for businesses that operate in diverse settings.

Accepts all payment types and complies with the latest standards

The Ingenico Self Modular offers unparalleled versatility by accepting all methods of payment. As part of the Tetra range it leverages one of the largest payment applications portfolios available in the market. This terminal can seamlessly handle contactless payments, card transactions and even QR-code based payments through its embedded or optional camera. By providing customers with various payment options you can enhance their shopping experience and increase your revenue streams.

Fits into any existing Kiosk with Dual Form Factors

One of the standout features of the Ingenico Self Modular is its flexibility in fitting into any existing kiosk. Thanks to its dual form factors this terminal can be effortlessly integrated from both the outside and inside preserving the kiosk’s original design. Whether you are upgrading from an ISelf configuration or a competitive legacy solution, the Self Modular seamlessly adapts to your infrastructure. This ensures a hassle free installation process and minimizes disruptions to your business operations.

Prevents vandalism and fraud

Security is a top priority in the world of selfservice payment solutions and the Ingenico Self Modular excels in this aspect. With its robust construction and adherence to the latest security standards including PCI PTS v6 certification this terminal provides operators with peace of mind. It effectively prevents vandalism and fraud safeguarding both your business and your customers’ sensitive information. By choosing the Self Modular you are choosing a device that puts security first.

Easy and secure integration with cashless payment

Integrating cashless payment into your selfservice business has never been easier or more secure than with the Self Modular. Its userfriendly interface ensures a simple consumer experience making transactions smooth and effortless. The terminal offers color and touch screens, sound guidance capability and a hybrid reader for natural gestures. It even features a presence detector that automatically lights up the keyboard for nighttime use. These thoughtful design elements contribute to a seamless and userfriendly interface enhancing customer satisfaction.

Modularity for future proof configurations

The Self Modular empowers integrators by providing them with the freedom to create their desired configurations. With add-on boxes that support modules such as MDB, 4G, and BT integrators. Furthermore, the Self Modular is upgradeable in the field ensuring that your investment remains future proof. This modular approach allows for scalability and easy adaptation as your business grows and evolves.

User friendly interface for a seamless experience

This Ingenico unattended terminal takes pride in offering a customer interface that is both intuitive and user-friendly. With a simple UI and a mechanical keyboard for PIN entry, customers can complete their transactions with ease. The color display of the Self/8000 version enhances the visual experience, providing clear and vibrant visuals. LED indicators on the card reader make it easier for customers to insert their cards accurately. Additionally, the presence detector automatically illuminates the keyboard for nighttime use, ensuring optimal visibility and convenience. The terminal even features a luminosity sensor to manage energy consumption efficiently, promoting sustainability.

Raising the bar on security with PCI PTS v6

Security is a critical consideration when it comes to selfservice payment solutions. Certified with the latest security standards including PCI PTS v6 this terminal guarantees a high degree of protection against data breaches and unauthorized access. By choosing the Ingenico Self Modular you are investing in a device that prioritizes the security of your business and your customers’ confidential information.



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