Ingenico Self 3000

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Ingenico Self 3000

Ingenico Self 3000

The Ingenico Self 3000 series is the ultimate unmanned payment solution for your selfservice business. Its versatile payment methods, robust design, userfriendly interface and easy integration capabilities make it an ideal choice for vending, EV charging and car wash businesses.

With the added security compliance and Ingenico’s suite of services you can confidently offer your customers a seamless and secure payment experience. Upgrade your selfservice infrastructure today with the Ingenico SELF/3000 and take your business to new heights of efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Product description

The Ingenico SELF/3000 series is a cutting edge contact and contactless payment solution designed specifically for selfservice businesses. With its seamless integration capabilities this affordable payment terminal is ideal for various industries such as vending, EV charging and car wash businesses. The SELF/3000 series boasts a robust, sleek and space-saving design making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you need a reliable payment solution for your vending machines or outdoor kiosks, the Ingenico Self 3000 is your ultimate choice.

Versatile Payment Methods:
The unattended series supports multiple payment methods ensuring a hassle free and convenient payment experience for your customers. With contactless payment technology customers can effortlessly make payments using NFC-enabled devices eliminating the need for physical contact. Additionally, the terminal accepts Magstripe cards and Chip without PIN entry providing flexibility for customers who prefer traditional payment methods. Offering optimized contactless user experience the SELF/3000 guarantees fast and secure transactions.

Robust Design for Intensive Use:
To withstand the demands of intensive indoor and outdoor use this model features a robust design with IK10 and IP65 ratings. This durability ensures resistance against impact, dust and water making it suitable for a wide range of challenging environments. Whether you operate in a busy shopping mall or an outdoor location exposed to the elements, the SELF/3000 can handle it all. Its ergonomic interface ensures userfriendly navigation allowing customers to complete transactions with ease.

User friendly Interface:
The Ingenico Self 3000 series prioritizes user experience by providing an easy to use customer interface. Equipped with a color display and two dedicated function buttons customers can navigate through the payment process effortlessly. The simple and intuitive user interface reduces confusion and enhances customer satisfaction.

Security Compliance:
When it comes to handling financial transactions security is of utmost importance. The SELF/3000 series meets international security requirements with PCI PTS v6 compliance. This industry standard security ensures the protection of sensitive customer data and prevents unauthorized access. By choosing the SELF/3000 you can have peace of mind knowing that your customers’ information is safeguarded.

Easy Integration:
Integrating the SELF 3000 into your existing infrastructure is a breeze. This payment terminal can be easily integrated into machines from either the front or rear. The SELF/3000 Basic version is compliant with the EVA EPS standard and can effortlessly replace competitive solutions simplifying the upgrade process. With options for USB Slave, RS232, ETH and even 4G LTE connectivity in the Standard version the SELF 3000 ensures seamless integration into your selfservice business.

Supported by Ingenico’s Suite of Services:
Choosing the Ingenico Self 3000 means gaining access to Ingenico’s comprehensive suite of services. From Estate Manager for efficient terminal management to security solutions ensuring compliance with industry standards, Ingenico has you covered. Additionally, Ingenico offers Hardware and Professional Services to provide the support and expertise you need to maximize the potential of your self-service business.



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