Ingenico IWL250 Protective Case / Cover


The Ingenico iwl250 protective cover provides extra protection during your work and helps prevent damage to your payment terminal. Available in blue and black
Made of silicone, easy to clean, reusable, in different colors, gives extra protection in case of fall, impact and water incidents.

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Ingenico iwl250 pin cover

The use of an Ingenico iwl250 protective cover has many advantages. More and more people now pay with cards. We pay in the supermarket, in retail stores, but also on the market or to delivery people. Especially entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry make extensive use of a mobile payment terminal such as the Ingenico iwl250. This is equipped with GPRS or WIFI and is ideal for your customers to pay mobile. The advantages of a mobile payment machine are often already known to all entrepreneurs. It is sales increasing and also cheaper than accepting cash.

The benefits

Because mobile payment terminals are expensive to purchase, it is wise to protect your terminal with a protective cover. This provides extra protection and gives you more Grip while handing over or replacing the terminal. It offers extra protection to the housing and helps to prevent falls and impact damage.

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Ingenico IWL250

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