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We supply Terminals, parts & accessories for fixed, mobile and unattended payment devices.
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  • Castles S1F2 android mobile payment terminal parts accessories
    As a business owner finding the right payment solution can be challenging. You need a device that is reliable,…

    Castles S1F2

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  • Castles S1E2 android mobile payment terminal accessories
    The Castles S1E2 Mobile SmartPOS redefines payment experiences offering merchants a secure, versatile and efficient solution. With its robust…

    Castles S1E2

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  • Castles S1 Mini android payment terminal accessories -
    The Castles S1 Mini is a versatile, secure and cost effective payment device that is perfect for businesses of…

    Castles S1 Mini

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  • castles V3M2 linux mobile payment terminal parts accessories
    The Castles V3M2 stands as an ideal, secure and reliable solution for businesses seeking to mobilize payments effortlessly while…

    Castles V3M2

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  • castles V3CT3 linux countertop payment terminal fixed
    The Castles V3CT3 is an ideal payment solution for businesses of all sizes. With its powerful processing capabilities, versatile…

    Castles V3CT3

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  • castles V3P3 linux countertop pinpad payment terminal parts accessories
    The Castles V3P3 Pinpad is the latest addition to the line of top of the line payment devices from…

    Castles V3P3

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  • castles S2L multilane pinpad fixed android payment terminal parts accessories
    The Castles S2L is a versatile and secure payment solution that combines ease of use with cutting-edge technology. With…

    Castles S2L

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  • castles S1L2 multilane counterstop payment terminal fixed
    The Castles S1L2 stands as a testament to innovation in payment technology. Tailor-made for merchants seeking a secure, efficient…

    Castles S1L2

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  • Castles Saturn 1000P (s1p-pinpad) payment terminal (4)
    The Castles S1P redefines retail transactions with its 4″ touchscreen, multi-communication capabilities and robust security features. Running on Android…

    Castles S1P

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  • castles S1U2 unattended payment terminal Android parts accessories
    Incorporating cutting-edge technology and a durable design. The Castles S1U2 stands as a reliable and secure payment solution for…

    Castles S1U2

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  • castles U1C unattended payment terminal parts accessories
    Castles Technology’s U1C is a rugged, secure, and versatile unattended payment solution, featuring contactless payment capabilities and a comprehensive…

    Castles U1C

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  • castles U1B Linux payment terminal unattended parts accessories
    The Castles U1B seamlessly blends durability, security and versatility in an unattended payment solution. With PCI PTS 5.X compliance,…

    Castles U1B

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